3 pawesome months of Chihuahua

Monthly recap from February 15 to March 14

3 min readMar 14, 2022


🐶🎉 Time to recap the progress and accomplishments of Chihuahua’s third month — woof woof!

Chihuahua chain

🔙 We continued with our $HUAHUA buyback experiment! 10% of all our validators February rewards have been sent to the Chihuahua Chain Community Pool with a total of ~1.3M (~$4,500)

💥 The PomiferFI team is working on implementing CosmWasm smart contracts in Chihuahua, this will ensure that devs can build Dapps on top of the Chihuahua Chain! Please let us know which products you want to see live soon!


📈 Chihuahua’s Community is exponentially growing:

20,000 followers on Twitter

🥳 Coney Doggy (formerly Coney Daddy) is now an official AdHUAisor! We can’t wait to start collaborating with him and are excited for some very good dog puns and other fun shenanigans

→ Discover all the Chihuahua Community channels:

Listing & partnerships

🔊 Woop woop! Emeris has now integrated the Chihuahua chain. This one-stop portal for all crypto apps is great for carrying out a multitude of activities such as transferring and viewing all your $HUAHUA balances in one place.

⚡️ $HUAHUA in the Delta tracker app! As of now, you can track ChihuahuaChain in the portfolio tracker app Delta. It’s available for both iOS and Android, so go get it! 🙌 Also big shoutout again to the Chihuahua Community DAO for making this possible

🤝 ChihuahuaChain has been integrated into Sputnik Network, meaning you can now send tips in $HUAHUA on Twitter! If you write <@username> <amount>huahua #sputnik, you will be able to do this. For example: @AsankaKasum 5huahua #sputnik. Try it out!

🤫 Chihuahua Chain landed on Secret Network, $HUAHUA is now available on SIENNA Network and can be traded here. For a step-by-step guide, see: https://medium.com/sienna-network/sienna-network-partners-with-chihuahua-chain-to-list-huahua-on-siennaswap-d6d43a979a2c

🔥 Rango Exchange has successfully completed the integration of Chihuahua Chain! You can now easily swap $HUAHUA via their first multi-chain #DEX aggregator

Excited to announce our partnership with Comdex, which is a decentralized synthetic assets protocol that’s built on the Cosmos


🎉🎉 101 Huahuas NFT collection sold out almost immediately after the sale started! We converted 20% of the total sale into more than 1.2M $HUAHUA and sent them to the ChihuahuaChain Community Pool. We’re very proud of this accomplishment!

🦸 The Defenders of the Cøsmos are here! A Chihuahua Multi-chain NFT collection is made by CostmoNots that honor the Cosmos, created by NOTs ART. Check it out!

Validators & Airdrops

☁️🪂🐶 $HUAHUA Airdrop to the Akash Network completed! Airdrop eligibility info:

✅ Stake at least 3 $AKT to any active Akash validator
✅ Chihuahua Validator’s delegators on Akash will receive 5 $HUAHUA for every 3 $AKT
✅ All the other delegators will receive 1 $HUAHUA for every 3 $AKT
Chihuahua ($HUAHUA)
📸 Snapshot was taken at block ~4899854 (2022–03–01 23:02:24 UTC)

🪂 On the 28th of February, the snapshot of the UniverseDAO occurred to the Chihuahua chain users that staked at least 100,000 $HUAHUA

📢 Gravity Bridge has a new validator in their active set (drum rolls): Chihuahua Chain! You can now delegate your $GRAV via: https://delegate.chihuahua.wtf

⚡️A new Chihuahua Validator in the Comdex chain, earning more than 40% per year delegating $CMDX with us: https://delegate.chihuahua.wtf


🕹 Passage3d and Chihuahua Chain were thrilled to present the first community-owned Dog World! Also three random winners that commented on the proposal together won a prize of 150,000 $HUAHUA!

❤️ Special thanks to the Community, Advisors, Validators, and Teams (people and dogs) that supported us during this time!

Website: https://chihuahua.wtf
Community Channels: https://community.chihuahua.wtf
Chihuahua Validators: https://delegate.chihuahua.wtf