5 Months of Chihuahua & Happy Chihuahua Appreciation Day 🎉

4 min readMay 14, 2022


🐶 Today Barks 5 months of ChihuahuaChain AND is also #ChihuahuaAppreciationDay! 🎉

The past few days (and months) have felt like a dog agility obstacle course and, while we are panting a bit, we are happy to be here and ready to keep running! We appreciate our community that believes in our vision, so we are ready to run this course through to the end! 🐕🏆

So what can we celebrate from the last month?

Chihuahua chain:

On April 25th, we had our first ever live Chain Hall event to share some HUApdates with the community and answer questions directly. It was hosted on Twitter. If you weren’t able to attend we documented the event in a Medium post: HUAHUApdate: Chain Hall | April 2022

Chihuahua X Gravity Bridge

👏🏼 Chihuahua x Gravity Bridge: We partnered up with Gravity bridge which makes it possible to swap $HUAHUA from the @ChihuahuaChain to @ethereum. If you want more information checkout this medium post from the Chihuahua Community.

Second Month of Transferring $HUAHUA Airdrop fund to the community pool!

🤨What does this mean? We are transferring 5% of the Airdrop fund to the community pool each month for 3 months! In total this month we transferred ~2B HUAHUA!! (~$516,148 USD 🤑)

📺 Chihuahua x Passage: Based on your responses on Twitter we have already decided on 2 of the 3 mini-games and productions will begin within the next couple months!

🥁Drum roll… The top games are: Huahua Fighters & Flappy Huahua!

HUAHUAPOT has been running for over a month now!
✅ More than 9700 tickets sold
✅ Almost 530 unique players
✅ 19,000,000 $HUAHUA won

😄 Based on your feedback, 10% of the jackpot goes to the community pool! In less than 500 rounds 1,500,000 HUAHUA has been donated!


🎓HUAHUAacademy: As we want even more people to get excited and educated on the Chihuahua Chain and Cosmos ecosystem, we asked the community how they felt about HUAHUAacademy! This would be a place where people will be able to both learn about and earn $HUAHUAs! We asked the community via a poll and we got a tail wagging response, which can be viewed here on our Commonwealth page. Check it out!


⚡Despite the storm, the Chihuahua’s Community is still on the up and up:


77 #Chihuahua balls: We partnered up with ⚛️ @cosmosarthome and announced a WL (10 spots) for 77 #Chihuahua balls that will be released as part of the collection on May 27th.

Chihuahua balls

Chihuahua Chain in the Media:


🐶😎 ProTheDoge released a PAWESOME video about ChihuahuaChain: So, if you want to see what parts of our project he’s howling about then you will find your answers here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faG4YR-VqRE

HC Capital

HC — Capital gave a call out to @ChihuahuaChain on twitter. Listing ChihuahuaChain amongst tons of rebarkable memecoins all over.

Listing & partnerships:

EmerisHQ You can now stake your $HUAHUA using the @emerisHQ interface! Give it a go, here https://app.emeris.com/welcome

#REStake: Our Chihuahua validators can now use #REStake, (https://restake.app) which allows them to auto-compound your staking rewards for you!

❤️ We’ve said it a few times, but we’ll say it again: EXTRA special thanks to the Community, Advisors, Validators, and Teams (people and dogs) for the endless love and support we are receiving especially through these difficult ups and downs in the ecosystem!

Website: chihuahua.wtf
Community Channels: community.chihuahua.wtf
Chihuahua Validators: delegate.chihuahua.wtf




The Cosmos meme coin | Website: chihuahua.wtf | Community Channels: community.chihuahua.wtf | Chihuahua Validators: delegate.chihuahua.wtf