6 woofy-months of Chihuahua

2 min readJun 14, 2022


🐶🐾 It’s already half-year! We are still as laser-focused and motivated as in the first days, growing and building — woof!

Chihuahua chain

Three new discussions for Proposals were created on the Chihuahua Commonwealth forum

2 Proposals discussed by the Community went live on-chain as parameters-change proposals

👀🎨 Chihuahua Metaverse teaser is here! Passage3D.com and Metahuahua are actively working on it and we will keep you posted with the progress!

65% of the Community on Twitter voted to have a Merchandise Shop with a Chihuahua t-shirt, bikini, and speedo 🐶👕👙

🐾📱 We are developing a Chihuahua mobile app!

💰 We’ve been transferring 5% of the Airdrop fund to the community pool each month for 3 months. This is the 3rd and final month of moving ~2B $HUAHUA funds to YOU, the community!

Validators & Airdrops

Check all the Chihuahuas’ Validators here: https://delegate.chihuahua.wtf/


📈 Chihuahua’s Community is still huge and continuously supporting the project:

NFT Collections

The incredible demand for the Chihuahua NFTs:

  • HuaNOTS NFT collection is SOLD OUT!
  • ChihuahuaBalls NFTs is SOLD OUT too!

Chihuahua Chain in the Media

📹 Our pawesome friends from Stakewolle decided to make a full video review about #HUAHUAPOT! Have you won the HUAHUAPOT already? Let us know and don’t forget to play https://huahuapot.wtf

📺 ProTheDoge explains how to easily buy HUAHUA on Osmosis using the Keplr wallet

Listing & partnerships

🐶📲 Huappy to announce that your favorite dog Chihuahua $HUAHUA is now available in the Cital.One mobile app for Android and iOS!

🔥 Staking, claiming rewards, and much more

Download it now:
🍎 http://apps.apple.com/sv/app/citadel-one/id1546701475
🤖 http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=one.citadel.mobile

❤️ Special thanks to the Community, Advisors, Validators, and Teams (people and dogs) for the endless love and support we are receiving!

Website: chihuahua.wtf
Community Channels: community.chihuahua.wtf
Chihuahua Validators: delegate.chihuahua.wtf




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