8 months of woof-news 🔥

2 min readAug 14, 2022
🐶 SuperHUAHUA — Chihuahua with the superpowers

🐶🐾 A lot of news for the Community-owned Cosmos dog in this bi-monthly recap! The HUAnderful Chihuahua Community was really involved in defining the Governance proposals, challenging them, and voting them — thanks to everyone!

Chihuahua chain

💥 Chihuahua has the superpowers now! CosmWasm Smart Contracts have been integrated into the Chihuahua blockchain. Degen apps (dApps) are coming!

🧑‍💻 CosmWasm devs can join our Discord

🔥 Chihuahua Community has voted for burning 15B $HUAHUA in a 30 days period (with a Burning Rate of 500M HUAHUA per day) using our Burning Smart Contract. And we started burning $HUAHUA!

👾 HUAHUAPOT game started burning 10% of each jackpot in $HUAHUA!

🏰 FortisOeconomia has announced that they will be one of the first builders on the Chihuahua chain and airdropping DOG tokens to the $HUAHUA holders! Snapshot date for HUAHUA stakers: 27/07/2022.

📢 Chihuahua Joins the StaFiHub Liquid Staking Ecosystem! The proposal passed after the Chihuahua Community voted with over 70% YES.

Through this integration, both parties will👇
✅ Develop rHUAHUA based on #StaFiHub’s liquid staking solution.
✅ Jointly boost the liquidity for rHUAHUA on @rDEX_Finance.
✅ Co-marketing for rHUAHUA solution.
✅ Source third-party Integrations for $rHUAHUA token.

🐾 The Cosmostation Extension now supports the Chihuahua chain for the Google Chrome browser! Start using it now: https://bit.ly/3AwEbRz

🗞 New Chihuahua Stake UI developed by Goatlabs Validator! Check it out: chihuahua.goatlabs.zone


📈 Chihuahua’s Community is still huge and continuously supporting the project:

Community Channels: community.chihuahua.wtf

NFT Collections

🕹 Chihuahuaverse is currently in development by Passage3D, and MetaHuahua will be the pass to join the dog world!

🎨 HUAHUApunks NFT collection of 10,000 pieces will be on sale on Stargaze, and all the mint and royalties will be converted into $HUAHUA and BURNED!

Validators & Airdrops

⭐️ Chihuahua has been selected as one of the 11 Genesis validators on the StafiHub mainnet, which will be launched soon!

ℹ️ Chihuahua validators on the Akash and Sentinel networks only will shut down on 31/08 and 15/09. We’re focusing on launching our validator service to other Cosmos chains.

Check all the Chihuahuas’ Validators here: https://delegate.chihuahua.wtf/

❤️ Special thanks to the Community, Advisors, Validators, and Teams (people and dogs) for the endless love and support we are receiving!

Website: chihuahua.wtf
Community Channels: community.chihuahua.wtf
Chihuahua Validators: delegate.chihuahua.wtf