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HUAHUApdate: Chain Hall | April 2022

5 min readApr 25, 2022


Woof Woof!

The doggos bark and we respond.

You got some woofy questions about the Chihuahua Chain project and here we are with a virtual Chain Hall to share some HUApdates.

Timeline and team updates

The PomiFer team is helping out with the integration of the smart contracts (CosmWasm). The integration is being tested in a Chihuahua testnet, and based on the outcome/results of the testing there will be an upgrade proposal on the Chihuahua governance.

The team is aiming to complete the testnet by the end of April provided no issues are detected.

The market Is Being Moody, We’re NOT!
How to Survive Price Drops and Stay HUAp through the Down together

The most asked questions of the past few weeks: Why do we see such a steep and steady decrease in the price??

Crypto games be like: “I am volatile and I know it!”

Well, the whole cryptocurrency market has been facing a price drop and a general downstate over the past few weeks.

Every chain has suffered some loss, the COSMOS chain is no different.

As part of the ecosystem, we too have been touched by the situation and experienced some moody times like every other coin and project.

BUT THIS IS NORMAL and you should not panic. Storms have hit meme coins in the past and yet here they are continuing their rally in the ecosystem.

We have a solid team working behind the scenes and full commitment in developing the project further. The market may be volatile, but our enthusiasm for Chihuahua is not!

When downtimes happen, the most important thing is to trust the project and remember why you chose to invest in it in the first place. If you need some reassurance, reach out and we’ll walk you through the exciting pipelines of partnerships and projects that are coming up.

Developers and Funds
Team Fund Vesting Info

Are are the developers dumping their funds?

As described in the Medium post, the project has been launched with a Team fund unvested.

The team has decided to choose vesting periods for their Team fund in order to mitigate any potential fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) and be transparent with the Chihuahua community and any new potential partners.

For transparency, you can find in the article every detail regarding the Chihuahua addresses with their respective vesting periods and transactions.

Passage, Metahuahua & the Huahuaverse Project

If you’re wondering when Passage’s metaverse project will be ready for us to use and how it will help the token, look at the Proposal they recently posted.

Based on the Proposal that has been submitted and voted on the Chihuahua’s governance (, the teams are aiming to have the Passage-Chihuahua World live on Fall ’22/Q3 2022 taking into consideration external dependencies like the security audit that might take longer than expected.

The passage team, the Community Dao, team, Community DAO, Metahuahua, and the Chihuahua’s Marketing have started collaborating together in order to build a customer-centric product. We are listening to the Chihuahua Community feedback on how the world should look and what their expectations are.

Token Burning Info

Burning tokens is an initiative that needs to be explored after we have the smart contracts (CosmWasm) in the Chihuahua mainnet mainnet.

The discovery process will help us to define and check the technical feasibility of the burning mechanism, and challenge it with the Chihuahua Community.

Reasons to Hold your Coins

Let’s refresh our doggos’ excitement with some facts!

  • Chihuahua is the first interoperable meme coin with a POS blockchain, making it one of the most utilized chains in the Cosmos ecosystem.
  • Unlike other Chains, Chihuahua is fully Decentralized and governed by the CommunityDAO.
  • Chihuahua is an eco-friendly Proof-Of-Stake (POS) blockchain; communicating with other chains utilizing the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC).
  • Our blockchain is governed by users who actively stake HUAHUA; which in turn receive rewards as well as additional rights, such as the right to vote on governance proposals and access a Community Pool with +10B HUAHUA (more than 40M dollars).
  • We are USEFUL!
  • We have a diverse team working on the project: men AND women from all around the world contribute as marketers, community managers, devs, partnership builders, ecosystem managers. We work through accountability and commitment for the project and the community.
  • Chihuahua is an early stage Chain project but it positioned fast in the meme coin landscape, attracting thousands of people in less than 6 months.
  • Despite having joined the ecosystem only recently, we have been building exciting projects like the Huahuaverse in collaboration with Passage, the Huahuapot (mini game), and partnerships like Gravity Bridge and the Ethereum token, etc.

Anonymous Team Means a safer project

Privacy matters and we are here for that.

The project has been launched by an anonymous team, and who decides to stay or join the Chihuahua project agrees with that. A real community-owned and -driven project doesn’t need a public face to be attached to it. Furthermore, having an anonymous team protects the project from any biases and the Community is fully focused on the project and all the participants that are helping out the progress of Chihuahua.

So why aren’t devs and the creators active for questions in the discord?

Usually there are places for people to come to ask for help with setting up nodes and asking for potential positions? The main social channels are monitored by the Community DAO and the Marketing team. We’re improving the process by collecting the most frequently asked questions and trying to answer them async.

Community First: We Want and Need You!!

The Chihuahua Community Pool has more than 12B HUAHUA, and any single person or group of people can present a project or initiative to develop on top of the Chihuahua chain, and request part of the funds via a spending proposal.

We strongly suggest sharing your ideas and projects with the community on our Commonwealth forum. Here you can develop ideas, get feedback, iterate, and prepare final drafts. We help each other with scope and details of the project, benefits for the users, how to measure the success, and the budget requested and its liquidation schedule.

More questions?

Join our Community on Telegram and Discord and check out our Twitter Main and DAO Account.